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The official website for ACS Testing Ltd, based in Poole, Dorset.

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Find out about us at ACS Testing Ltd, located in Poole, Dorset.

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ACS Testing Ltd are UKAS Accredited

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Concrete Testing | ACS Testing Ltd

Concrete and Bituminous Drilling | ACS Testing Ltd
ACS Testing are equipped to carry out core cutting on bituminous materials, and lean mix, pavement quality and structural concrete

Soil Testing | ACS Testing Ltd

Aggregate Testing | ACS Testing Ltd
Aggregate is defined as a granular material used in construction, which may be natural, manufactured or re-cycled

Bituminous Materials Testing | ACS Testing Ltd
We are able to offer a comprehensive site testing and laboratory testing service for bituminous materials such as maximum density and percentage refusal density tests

Recycled Aggregate | ACS Testing Ltd
We are well equipped to carry out a comprehensive range of tests to determine physical, mechanical and chemical properties

Masonary Testing | ACS Testing Ltd
We carry out in situ and laboratory testing of mortar, screed, pre-cast concrete units, and natural stone

Permeability Testing | ACS Analysis Ltd
Permeability testing consists of determining the volume of water passing through a specimen in a known time, under known conditions of effective stress and hydraulic gradient

Natural Stone & Rock Testing | ACS Testing Ltd