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About ACS Testing

ACS Testing was formed in 1987 to provide a quality testing and materials consultancy service to the building and civil engineering industry

In-situ Testing
In-situ testing includes CBR, plate bearing, density by SRT, NDG, and core cutter and structural concrete surveys on buildings, bridges and roads, including pull-out tests and use of Ferroscan, which provides an instant method of determining the depth of cover, arrangement, position and diameter of reinforcement bars. We also provide a sampling service for fresh and hardened concrete, aggregates, soils and bituminous materials, and provide bore hole monitoring services of water and gases.

Site Investigation
Site investigation services include concrete and bituminous core cutting, window sampling, trial pits, dynamic probing and contaminated land investigation.

Laboratory Testing
Our laboratory testing facilities provide a comprehensive range of physical property analysis in accordance with BS and BS EN standards. Testing is carried out on natural and recycled aggregates, concrete, soils clay, bituminous mixtures, and a wide range of other construction materials