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About ACS Geo-Environmental Consultancy

ACS Geo-Environmental Consultancy offers a comprehensive range of professional services. We can provide consultancy services to many sectors of the construction industry ranging from house builders, landfill site operators and international contactors.

We have a team of highly experienced Geo-Environmental consultants providing a complete service of geotechnical investigations, contamination investigations and laboratory testing.  ACS provides you with a project managed and personal service designed around your requirements.

The main services ACS Geo-Environmental Consultancy offer include: desk studies, site investigations, risk assessment, regulatory negotiation, contamination remediation, waste management schemes, planning application and environmental permitting assistance and environmental monitoring.


We have built up a substantial portfolio over the years of site investigations and contamination investigations on industrial, commercial and residential land properties.  Some of the locations we have worked on include:

Fuel filling stations, Car servicing and repairs Garages, Tanneries, Gas works, Industrial works, Abattoirs, Airports, Scrap yards, Engineering works, Mill (paper/corn), Haulage yards, Chromium plating works, Cordite works, Builder’s merchants, Timber yards, Breweries, Railway sidings, Waste transfer stations, Oil depot, Dye works/bleaching fields, Shooting range, Laundries, Chemical works, Sewage works, Cattle markets, French polishers, Foundries, Farms, Landfill sites, Police stations, Coal yards, Stonework’s, TA centres, Prisons, Printing works.